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our website gathers the best android wallpapers for you, sorted by device brand (Samsung, HTC,..), model and category.
this is the easiest way to find a perfect matching wallpaper for your android smartphone!.


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Featured Android Wallpapers
Wasted Metal Wasted Metal Android Wallpaper
Wasted Metal is an android wallpaper which looks to have a huge impact on every smartphone it is installed on
Trance Mission HD Trance Mission HD Android Wallpaper
1080x1920 HD Wallpaper for android, Bugdroid is on a clubbing mission in this a amazing wallpaper for your android OS based smartphone
Nougat Nougat Android Wallpaper
Android Nougat wallpaper for android smartphones with 1440x2560 wallpaper resolutions. The sweetest android wallpaper in our collection yet, based on the Android Nougat OS released in 2016
Purple Flower Purple Flower Android Wallpaper
Android wallpaper filled up with purple flowers
Blue Bugdroid Yellow Blue Bugdroid Yellow Android Wallpaper
Android wallpaper featuring a Blue Bugdroid robot on a bright yellow backhground
The Lights The Lights Android Wallpaper
This 1080x1920 wallpaper for android, abstract lights, fills up the wallapaper of your android smartphone with a cool and futuristic artistic piece of light. its pure architecture, its a pure 1080x1920 android wallpaper!
HD Wallpaper Android Fly Away HD Wallpaper Android Fly Away Android Wallpaper
in this HD wallpaper for android you can see the birds flying away, probably to a distant warm location.
Future Blur Machine Future Blur Machine Android Wallpaper
in this Futuristic android wallpaper you will find a skeleton inspired futuristic machine
starlight starlight Android Wallpaper
This android wallpaper for smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE A adds a colorful vectorized environment to your High Definition android smartphone! You will either love or hate this wallpaper!
Oldies Star Wars Oldies Star Wars Android Wallpaper
one of the android wallpapers dedicated to star wars which we like the most. The vintage looks of the background and the Star Wars logo give this wallpaper something special. Designed for devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wallpapers or other compatible devices
Skull Cover Skull Cover Android Wallpaper
a blue artistic skull as ideal wallpaper for the alternative folks amongst us such as snowboarders or skaters!
The dots line The dots line Android Wallpaper
The dots line is an android wallpaper for your favourite android smartphone which makes use of typical vintage style colors. Give your smartphone this old-school retro look with this wallpaper!
Yellow targets android wallpaper Yellow targets android wallpaper Android Wallpaper
This android wallpaper is designed for the true marksman amongst us, can you hit the yellow targets in the middle of this android wallpaper?
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