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one of the greatest tablets running on Android so far, here we have gathered all our Google Nexus 7 Wallpapers, one of the best price - quality tablets on te market so far!
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Google Nexus 7 Android-Logo Wallpapers

Green logo Google Nexus 7 wallpaper
the android logo in metallic style on a dark green android wallpaper
Black android logo Google Nexus 7 wallpaper
the typical android logo and font on a pure black android wallpaper
The Golden wallpaper Google Nexus 7 wallpaper
an android logo embroided on a golden background as wallpaper for your android smartphone
Robotics Google Nexus 7 wallpaper
this android wallpaper contains a small android robot in the bottom right side of your wallpaper
Flashy Neon logo Google Nexus 7 wallpaper
a flashy neon android logo as wallpaper for your android tablet
All logos Google Nexus 7 wallpaper
your whole android wallpaper filled with android logos
All logos 2 Google Nexus 7 wallpaper
This android wallpaper is a variant on the previous wallpaper, it contains a bright green logo on a purple background
Tonic logo Google Nexus 7 wallpaper
why not trying one of our Androidlogo-tonics instead of a gin-tonic? Enjoy this fine android wallpaper