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LG Fortune wallpapers, you dont need to have a large fortune in your pocket to be able to purchase this entry level android smartphone. And our android wallpapers, you can even install for free on your smartphone!
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LG Fortune Android-Logo Wallpapers

Neon Android LG Fortune wallpaper
This android wallpaper doesn't contain the android logo but just the word android in simple 80s style neon letters
Android OS Font LG Fortune wallpaper
The typical android OS font in a cool and simple wallpaper featuring a dark background
Droid Dog LG Fortune wallpaper
if the Android bot in this wallpaper would have a dog, it would definitely look like this android dog logo!
Light Green LG Fortune wallpaper
a simple light green android wallpaper featuring the typical android font
Droidlife LG Fortune wallpaper
Droidlife is a cool android logo wallpaper which features a couple of hundred android logos in the background in both pink, white and black
Droidlife yellow LG Fortune wallpaper
The Yellow edition of this droidlife wallpaper for your android smartphone
Droidlife green LG Fortune wallpaper
for those who like the color green and android logo wallpapers, the droidlife Green wallpaper
The droids LG Fortune wallpaper
the droids is a featured android robot logo wallpaper

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