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This aluminium unibody designed smartphone, the HTC Desire HD is an updated version of the HTC Desire C and is only complete after you have downloaded one of our matching android wallpapers

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HTC Desire HD wallpapers
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HTC Desire HD games Wallpapers

Evil Sonic HTC Desire HD wallpaper
See the both sides of Sonic the Hedgehog in this android games wallpaper
Diablo Terror HTC Desire HD wallpaper
Feel the reign of terror in this Diablo, lord of terror game inspired android wallpaper
Crazy Rabbits HTC Desire HD wallpaper
Crazy Rabbits like android smartphones! This android wallpaper is soooo funny!
Hitman Absolution HTC Desire HD wallpaper
stay calm, and be cruel! In this Hitman Absolution wallpaper for your android smartphone
the witcher HTC Desire HD wallpaper
an android wallpaper for the biggest fans of the The Witcher Role Playing game!
World of tanks HTC Desire HD wallpaper
a tank in the middle of the heath in this android wallpaper based on the World of Tanks game
Half-Life2 HTC Desire HD wallpaper
the Half-life 2 game series logo created by steam games in a famous wallpaper for your android smartphone
World of Warcraft HTC Desire HD wallpaper
an android wallpaper on the by far most popular RPG game, World of Warcraft aka WOW

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