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The first smartphoone designed in the Desire series, the HTC Desire is only complete after you have it tuned it with an android wallpaper from our website. All of below wallpapers are fully compatible with your HTC Desire!

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HTC Desire wallpapers
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HTC Desire for-girls Wallpapers

Hearts Roses HTC Desire wallpaper
hearts and roses, what else do you need for a lovely android wallpaper for girls.
Pink Dots HTC Desire wallpaper
a pink android wallpaper featuring some simple white dots
Pink abstract HTC Desire wallpaper
the ladies will just love this pink abstract wallpaper for their android smartphone!
Pink Girls Vector HTC Desire wallpaper
Pink vector images and flowers make this the ideal android wallpaper for the ladies!
rose down HTC Desire wallpaper
a pink rose in this simple android wallpaper for the girls
Pink shades HTC Desire wallpaper
Shifting pink shades all over your androids screen in this pink shades android wallpaper
My Pink HTC Desire wallpaper
My pink is a simple pink wallpaper for your android smartphone
big heart HTC Desire wallpaper
a big heart on a pink background filling up this android wallpaper for the girls and ladies

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