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The first smartphoone designed in the Desire series, the HTC Desire is only complete after you have it tuned it with an android wallpaper from our website. All of below wallpapers are fully compatible with your HTC Desire!

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HTC Desire wallpapers
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HTC Desire movies Wallpapers

Anthony Hopkins HTC Desire wallpaper
Anthony hopkins looking through some fractured glass in this android wallpaper
Eva Mendez HTC Desire wallpaper
The super sexy Eva Mendez in her role in 2fast2Furious as android wallpaper
Paul walker HTC Desire wallpaper
Paul walker, the the fast and the furious Actor who died way too young in a Paul Walker close-up android wallpaper
Tyrese Gibson HTC Desire wallpaper
a movie android wallpaper on Tyrese Gibson, the actor from the 2 fast 2 furious movies
Eva Mendez HTC Desire wallpaper
another sexy Android wallpaper on Eva Mendez from the 2 fast 2 furious movies
Paul Walker HTC Desire wallpaper
a movies android wallpaper on Paul Walker, protagonist of the fast and the furious
Silver Surfer HTC Desire wallpaper
the silver surfer, the enemy of the fantastic four in one of their movies as android wallpaper
Thing HTC Desire wallpaper
The Thing, one of the heroes of the Fantastic 4 movies in a movie android wallpaper

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