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The HTC Evo 3D smartphone was a revolutionary android smartphone which had a 3D menu structure and screen which could be viewed without 3D Glasses. Below android wallpapers will look perfect on its autostereoscopic screen

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HTC Evo 3D wallpapers
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HTC Evo 3D Vectors Wallpapers

purple vector flowers HTC Evo 3D wallpaper
Purple vector flowers is a simple android wallpaper using vectors
Vectors HTC Evo 3D wallpaper
a dark colored vectors wallpaper for your android smartphone
The Zoids android wallpaper HTC Evo 3D wallpaper
The Zoids is an android wallpaper inspired by vector images
Red Plasma HTC Evo 3D wallpaper
In this android wallpaper some mysterious red plasma is flowing over your screen
Blue Plasma android wallpaper HTC Evo 3D wallpaper
Fill up your androids wallpaper with some of this blue plasma
Yellow Fun Brush HTC Evo 3D wallpaper
some bright yellow vectors as wallpaper for your android wallpaper
Green Fun Brush HTC Evo 3D wallpaper
a bright green edition of this mysterious fun brush android wallpaper full of vector images
Colors or bubbles HTC Evo 3D wallpaper
Colors or bubbles is a twisted android wallpaper which splits your android wallpaper in 2 different abstract vector pieces

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