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Everybody speaks about the Legend! If you are looking for an android wallpaper for the HTC Legend, the legendary smartphone which was one of the follow up models of the succesful HTC Hero. with its aluminium chassis this smartphone created by HTC would fit your MacBook perfectly. The only thing you are still missing is one of our great android wallpapers

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HTC Legend wallpapers
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HTC Legend 3D Wallpapers

Black Drab HTC Legend wallpaper
3D 320x480 wallpaper for android, the black drab runs over your screen and fills up your background
twister HTC Legend wallpaper
a black and white 3D twister fills up an amazing android wallpaper
Delta Tunnels HTC Legend wallpaper
Power cells HTC Legend wallpaper
Power cells, this 320x480 wallpaper for android in 3D contains some amazing and powerful powercells
Red 320x480 HTC Legend wallpaper
3D Red 320x480 wallpaper for android
Burn Fire Burn HTC Legend wallpaper
Pitfall 320 HTC Legend wallpaper
dont fall in the pitfalls of this black android wallpaper
Techno crops HTC Legend wallpaper
Technology crops ready to harvest in this android wallpaper

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