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Everybody speaks about the Legend! If you are looking for an android wallpaper for the HTC Legend, the legendary smartphone which was one of the follow up models of the succesful HTC Hero. with its aluminium chassis this smartphone created by HTC would fit your MacBook perfectly. The only thing you are still missing is one of our great android wallpapers

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HTC Legend wallpapers
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HTC Legend sports Wallpapers

Air Jordan HTC Legend wallpaper
slam dunk in this Air Jordan android wallpaper
Denver Broncos HTC Legend wallpaper
a sports android wallpaper on the Denver Broncos, a professional American Football team from Colorado
Manchester United HTC Legend wallpaper
Manchester United, one of the most popular UK soccer teams in this android wallpaper
Michael-Jordan HTC Legend wallpaper
if you observe this android wallpaper well, you can see Michael Jordan do a slam dunk in this basketball android wallpaper
Miami Dolphins HTC Legend wallpaper
An android wallpaper on this immense popular American Football team, the Miami Dolphins, one of the most popular teams of the East Division
Philadelphia eagles HTC Legend wallpaper
an android wallpaper for the fans of the Philadelphia eagles, an American Football team based in Philadelphia
Bengal Tigers HTC Legend wallpaper
support the Bengal Tigers with this android wallpaper
Leaves HTC Legend wallpaper
this android wallpaper contains a close-up of some nerves of these green leaves

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