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The 1440x2560 Wallpapers under this HTC One ME Wallpapers category for android will be a perfect match to both the size and resolution of your HTC One ME. The only thing you still need to do is selecting a background category of your choise

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HTC One ME brands Wallpapers

HD Ferrari Logo HTC One ME wallpaper
A HD Ferrari logo in the middle of this bright red android wallpaper
Blue Adidas HTC One ME wallpaper
a simple bright blue adidas logo android wallpaper
Adidas stripes HTC One ME wallpaper
The famous adidas stripes on a bright green android wallpaper
The Samsung Galaxy HTC One ME wallpaper
The samsung galaxy is an android wallpaper for those who have, or want a Samsung galaxy smartphone
Starbucks Minimal HTC One ME wallpaper
Starbucks android wallpaper in true minimal style