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Still looking for android wallpapers for your HTC dream , one of the first HTC smartphones on the marked released with the android OS? Don't look any further, because we have all the android wallpapers you could ever dream of!

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HTC Dream Cities Wallpapers

Nigh City HTC Dream wallpaper
The city by night in this android wallpaper for the nightlife freaks
City Bridge HTC Dream wallpaper
an android wallpaper leading you over the city bridge
Suburbs HTC Dream wallpaper
watch the suburbs in this android wallpaper which will lead you to the city
NYC HTC Dream wallpaper
New York City in a wallpaper for your android smartphone
HDRI HTC Dream wallpaper
HDRI android wallpaper
Colosseum HTC Dream wallpaper
this android wallpaper contains one of Rome's most famous monuments, this is the colosseum android wallpaper
Night Scene HTC Dream wallpaper
Some Scenary at night in this city wallpaper for your android
City Street HTC Dream wallpaper
a picture of the city streets in the evening in this android wallpaper

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