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Still looking for android wallpapers for your HTC dream , one of the first HTC smartphones on the marked released with the android OS? Don't look any further, because we have all the android wallpapers you could ever dream of!

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HTC Dream music Wallpapers

Fire Guitar HTC Dream wallpaper
this andorid wallpaper will put the device of every guitar freak on fire!
Pussycat Dolls HTC Dream wallpaper
a pussycat dolls android wallpaper in true girls logo style.
Music Show HTC Dream wallpaper
a music show as wallpapr for your android smartphone
Music Notes HTC Dream wallpaper
music and colors, thats all you need to have a perfect android wallpaper
U2 HTC Dream wallpaper
Bono and its famous team in an U2 logo wallpaper for android
Fire Music HTC Dream wallpaper
a musical note on fire in this musical android wallpaper
Musical Headphones HTC Dream wallpaper
Feel the beats going through your body in this musical headphones android wallpaper
Blink 182 HTC Dream wallpaper
the funny guys of Blink 182 and their logo in this wallpaper for your android smartphone

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