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The LG Axis is an android smartphone for those who love to type on a full QWERTY keyboard. All android wallpapers on below website were designed for its vertical screen oriƫntation

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LG Axis Anime Wallpapers

Anime Cemetery LG Axis wallpaper
the angel of death on his grave in this android anime wallpaper
Anime LG Axis wallpaper
enjoy these 2 nice girls on your anime android wallpaper
Mountain city LG Axis wallpaper
this android wallpaper contains a mysterious anime mountain city!
Flower tattoo girl LG Axis wallpaper
a beautiful girl with some flower tattoos on her body in this anime android wallpaper
Gurren Lagann LG Axis wallpaper
This Gurren Lagann anime android wallpaper is also known as Tengen Toppa Gurren lagan, enjoy this anime robot wallpaper for your android!
end is comming LG Axis wallpaper
The end is comming for you in this anime android wallpaper
Naruto Destruction LG Axis wallpaper
an anime android wallpaper on one of the most popular Anime series so far, this is the Naruto destruction android wallpaper
Anime Surfing LG Axis wallpaper
a cool guy surfing on waves of art in this android wallpaper in anime style

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