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The LG Optimus Chic is an entry level LG smartphone which is running on the Android 2.2 Froyo OS. Below you can find some android wallpapers which will fit your LG Optimus chic (also known under its codename LG E720) perfectly!

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LG Optimus Chic Dark Wallpapers

Super Dark LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
This super dark android wallpaper contains some slight details and dark patterns on a plain black background. A cool android wallpaper for everybody who likes it dark!
Ominous Clouds LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
Ominous clouds in the sky in this android wallpaper
Dark Castle LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
this android wallpaper contains a dark castle on the hill
Dark Explosion LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
a dark explosion taking place inside this android wallpaper
Dark Explosion 2 LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
The red edition of this dark explosion android wallpaper
Darkest Nature LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
this android wallpaper contains a dark tree on the hill
Dark Ecto LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
Dark ecto is a tribal android wallpaper which will be loved by many android users amongst us
Dark World LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
your androids wallpaper filled by some horror images from a dark world

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