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The LG Optimus Chic is an entry level LG smartphone which is running on the Android 2.2 Froyo OS. Below you can find some android wallpapers which will fit your LG Optimus chic (also known under its codename LG E720) perfectly!

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LG Optimus Chic movies Wallpapers

Cars LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
all of the coolest cars of the Pixar classic cars in one nice android wallpaper
Darth Vader Face LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
fans of darth vader immediately recognize the face of Darth Vader in this android wallpaper
Dark Knight LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
Batman, the Dark Knight in a movie wallpaper for your android smartphone
Paramount Pictures LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
With this android wallpaper, we celebrate 100 years of paramount pictures movies
the Incredible Hulk LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
a movies android wallpaper featuring this green monster hero, the incredible hulk
Kickass LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
this movie android wallpaper is dedicated to the biggest super anti-hero ever, kickass
the Dark Knight LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
The movie poster of the Dark Knight movie as android wallpaper
Wonder Woman - Megan Fox LG Optimus Chic wallpaper
a Megan Fox android wallpaper, in her glorious role of wonderwoman

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