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This android wallpaper is the one! Especially after having it installed on this LG Optimus one one of the first true popular LG android smartphones!

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LG Optimus One space Wallpapers

Meteors falling LG Optimus One wallpaper
Ice cold meteors falling out of the sky in this wallpaper from space for your android smartphone
Hot Meteors LG Optimus One wallpaper
Burning hot meteors falling from the sky in this wallpaper for your android smartphone, straight from outer space!
Dark Blue Space LG Optimus One wallpaper
looking over planet earth into the Dark Blue Space in this android wallpaper
Space LG Optimus One wallpaper
an android wallpaper straight from space. Have a cool space background, install this wallpaper on your android smartphone
Last Earth LG Optimus One wallpaper
a space android wallpaper: Last earth
Space Absorber LG Optimus One wallpaper
in this space android wallpaper, a mysterious force is absorbing the universe
Space Galaxy LG Optimus One wallpaper
an android wallpaper from outer space: a space galaxy far far away
Blue outer space LG Optimus One wallpaper
this 320x480 wallpaper for android is taken somewhere in a blue outer space

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