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Meizu M6 wallpapers, a big display and a lightweight phone make this a perfect device

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Meizu M6 Cities Wallpapers

Tokyo Meizu M6 wallpaper
in this cities wallpaper for android you can enjoy the city of Tokyo during the night. Shibuya, Tokyo
Tokyo Tower Meizu M6 wallpaper
in this 720x1280 wallpaper for android, you will find the famous tower of the worlds biggest city, the Tokyo tower
Tokyo sunset Meizu M6 wallpaper
a beautiful sunset over tokyo in this 720x1280 cities wallpaper for android
Jakarta Meizu M6 wallpaper
Jakarta wallpaper for android, an android background featuring the worlds 2nd largest city: Jakarta
Jakarta Lightning Meizu M6 wallpaper
The lightning strikes in this Jakarta android wallpaper
Jakarta flag Meizu M6 wallpaper
Delhi city Meizu M6 wallpaper
This city android wallpaper welcomes you to Delhi and its akshardham temple
Seoul Meizu M6 wallpaper
The city of Seoul in a 720x1280 wallpaper for android

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