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Another super amoled wallpaper collection compatible with this new Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy E7. its quad core CPU, lots of memory and 4G support make this a most wanted target for all your Android wallpaper downloads. We present you the samsung Galaxy E7!

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Samsung Galaxy E7 wallpapers
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Samsung Galaxy E7 wallpapers Wallpapers

Fire and ice Yn and Yang Samsung Galaxy E7 wallpaper
In this andorid wallpaper the Yin and Yang sign is formed by a ball of fire and water.
Rainy Day Samsung Galaxy E7 wallpaper
feel the rain dripping of your androids smartphone screen in this rainy day android wallpaper
Take an apple Samsung Galaxy E7 wallpaper
which apple would you take in this android wallpaper? Red, yellow or green?
Carousel of colors Samsung Galaxy E7 wallpaper
an android wallpaper for everybody who likes bright colors, this is the color carousel wallpaper for android smartphones
an android wallpaper Samsung Galaxy E7 wallpaper
just a simple android wallpaper, do we need to say more?
Angel from the skies Samsung Galaxy E7 wallpaper
An angel returning to his master in this wallpaper for your android smartphone!
Mamba Mobile Samsung Galaxy E7 wallpaper
Have fear of the bright green mamba in this wallpaper for your android smartphone
Funny Bat Samsung Galaxy E7 wallpaper
a funny bat just hit your screen in this wallpaper for your android smartphone

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