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download Android Wallpapers for the ZTE Nubia X6, one of the latest creations by smartphone maker ZTE! If you want quality, you choose for this metal body smartphone which has been made with the finest materials and which uses a huge 6.4 inch screen!

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ZTE Nubia X6 wallpapers
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ZTE Nubia X6 Funny Wallpapers

1080x1920 ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
Funny 1080x1920 Wallpaper for android, dont steal, the governement hates competition!
Wasted Owl ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
Somebody didnt have a good sleep this night…. The wasted owl wallpaper for android
Sumo Cookie ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
Some Sumo wrestlers are wrestling for the last cookie in this funny android wallpaper
Johnny Walked ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
The Finger ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
in this funny wallpaper for android you can get the finger, and a golden ring
Water Burner ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
This lighter is burning water in a funny 1080x1920 wallpaper for android
Push for the end ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
Push the button to end it all in this Push for the end android wallpaper
Whale icecone ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
Some kille whales swimming around an ice cone in this funny android wallpaper

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