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download Android Wallpapers for the ZTE Nubia X6, one of the latest creations by smartphone maker ZTE! If you want quality, you choose for this metal body smartphone which has been made with the finest materials and which uses a huge 6.4 inch screen!

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ZTE Nubia X6 wallpapers
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ZTE Nubia X6 Vintage Wallpapers

Carl Zeiss ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
a vintage carl zeiss camera lens in close-up in this wallpaper for your android smartphone
Vintage Ornaments ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
The word vintage written on a purple ornaments android wallpaper add a vintage look to your favourite android smartphone
Vintage Vertical ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
Vertical lines in 4 different colors as android wallpaper
Flowers ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
in this andorid wallpaper you will find back some colorful flowers in true vintage style
Intricate ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
intricate is an android wallpaper for smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which use a brown background and diagonal vintage pattern
Jack Daniels ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
a bottle of Jack Daniels in vintage colors as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wallpaper or any other android smartphone with 1080x1920 resolution!
Floral texture ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
a Flower texture in a vintage colored wallpaper for android smartphones. vintage, yet futuristic
The flower texture ZTE Nubia X6 wallpaper
one big vintage flower on top of this vintage colored fabric style android wallpaper

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